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A.D. 2019

A.D. 2018

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, let us present you with a gift. It's an interview posted in the December issue of Fireworks Rock & Metal. The magazine is published in GB, USA and Canada, so the dwellers of these countries may get their own copies. Still, we have more surprises to come, so stay tune!

The december issue of the Power Play magazine published a review of our album The Head II. Who agrees with the author? Feel free to comment!

Hi there! We are glad to announce releasing an English version of its native language predecessor, The Head II. The mighty voice on the album belongs to our friend, Roman Kańtoch. He did a great job, didn't he? Feel free to have a listen on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple iTunes, and if you like what you hear, show us your support and buy the album. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our dear friends who made our album possible to release: Anna Jankowiak, who is the author of most lyrics on the album, Roman Kańtoch, Rafał Nowak, and Paweł Karaliński!

Are you brave enough to enter the world where the limits are flexible, dimentions have colors and sounds their own scent? Trust your desires and join us to the journey throught your thoughts, the highest joys, the deepest fears. Let us lead you to the answers to all your questions. Take a look at a sneak peak of our new album "The Head II". Soon we will announce all the options of buying "The Head II" album. If you want us to play live in your area, do not hesitate and contact us!

A.D. 2017

In 2018 the band will release the English version of the album The Head

Hi from the studio! It's time to get back to work on the English version of The Head album

09.03.2017 20:00 Katofonia /Katowice, Mariacka 18A/

A.D. 2016

Take a look at the pictures taken at the show yesterday. Thank you all for being there with us, great fun and atmosphere. See you soon! A huge thank you for our unwavering photographer and dear friend, Marcin Kopiec
This Saturday (02th of June) after 21 pm XpressivE will play live on Kyksownia Festival. The organizer - Stowarzyszenie Artystów Siemianowickich - and our band strongly recommend to be there with us.
Beware, for this sunday we'll appear on TVN in "Dzień dobry TVN" programme.

A.D. 2015

A nice surprise came to us from Lizard magazine! In the latest issue you may read a great review of our album "The Head". A new, full of interesting information issue of Lizard Magazine is available to buy. Take a look, get yourself one, enjoy and visit the fanpage!
Watch us on TVS in the programme this Thursday (30th of April) at 9 pm where you can see a short passage from the Saturday concert.
Our thanks go to Stowarzyszenie Artystów Siemianowickich for their kind invitation and great atmosphere. The pictures were taken by our reliable friend and a master of lens art.
This Saturday (25th of April) after 6 pm XpressivE will play live on the Market Square in Siemianowice taking part in the event devoted to Jan Paweł II. The organizer - Stowarzyszenie Artystów Siemianowickich - and our band strongly recommend to be there with us.
Soon we'll post more details about our upcoming concerts, but in the meantime, take a look at a review of The Head printed in the November issue of Teraz Rock. (in Polish only)
Take a look at the pictures taken at the show yesterday. Thank you all for being there with us, great fun and atmosphere. See you soon! A huge thank you for our unwavering photographer and dear friend, Marcin Kopiec
Beware, for this weekend we'll appear on Polsat TV in "Wstawaj, gramy" programme. Be ready for lots of surprises, music and much more!
Let's enter this year with a blast - join us in Myszków on Sunday! Be there!

A.D. 2014

We're still at the first place on Radio Egida. All thanks to you!
"Animal" strikes back! The song has been picked among the others to be used in an advertising spot with Steven Seagal. Be prepared to see it on Tuesday a few minutes after 8 pm. Watch us, or rather watch cinema stars with our song in the background.
For the second time in the history of Radio Aspekt, our song has reached the top of Aspekt Rock Chart! "Bunt" has followed the footsteps of "No Forgiveness". Let's keep it going! Thank you!
Another review of our album - this time all thank you's go to progrock.org.pl! You may want to check it here
On Saturday we'll be guests in a programme in Radio Opole hosted by Adam Wołek. We start at 11 pm. Will you join us?
Good news still follow us! Get yourselves the November issue of
Teraz Rock and go straight ahead to the reviews section
Another review. How do you like it? (in Polish only)
Hey guys, tonight tune in your radios to Polskiego Radia Katowice. We'll be guests of Wojciech Zamorski in his Wehikuł Czasu at 9.15 pm.
Today the RC radio, ProRadio on Sunday, on Friday we're having a rehearsal and on Saturday you can hear us in Polish Radio Opole at 11 pm in "Progresywna zmiana Rocka" hosted by Adam Wołek. Don't miss it!
Here's the front line news. Starting from this Monday, for the next five days our album "The Head" will be played in the Polish Radio Kielce as the Album Of The Week! Thank you
After one week, we're back on the Polish Radio RDC. Listen to our music on Wednesday.
So, this is the first review... Let's hope it's just the beginning of such kind words. (in Polish only)
Tomorrow after 10 am we will be guests of Radosław "Szadek" Szatkowski in his "SzaPeTy" on the Radio Bemowo FM. Join us!
Today our latest video has been shown for the first time in "Qadrans Qltury" on the regional TV. We happened to be there too. The link is for those who missed us then, but you still have a chance to see the programme twice, including TVP POLONIA!
Listen to the Pro-Radio this Sunday a few minutes past 8 pm. You will hear us for sure!
Here is our single "Bunt" coming from the album "The Head". Please share
Left channel, right channel... hi, you're listening to the Polish Radio!
Polish Radio One, to be more specific. Be ready to hear us in "Rockowy Powiernik" hosted by Marek Wiernik on Saturday at 1 am. Join us! We'll be giving away our CDs!
XpressivE together with Marek Sierocki on TVP1 in Teleekspress!
This is not the end of good news. Starting from today, "The Head" has become the Album of the Week on the Radio 5, still before the official releasing date! Keep listening to us!


A.D. 1995-1997

Year 1995 – ImpressivE was founded. The band’s line-up was: Piotr Nowak – lead vocal, keyboards, Jakub Makowiecki – guitars, Karol Nowak – drums, Wojciech Nowak – bass.

The new ideas, new inspirations, new experiences; the band's works consisted mainly on instrumental jazz-rock and art-rock music.

A.D. 1998-2001

The group created new compositions embracing such genres like rock, pop, psychedelic and the “picture” music. Apart from instrumental compositions, ImpressivE wrote also songs.

The band recorded three live albums: LIVE I - 1998, LIVE II - 2000, LIVE III - 2001 which combined the whole spectrum ImpressivE’s music.

A.D. 2002-2008

ImpressivE changed its name into XpressivE.

In the meantime XpressivE gained new members: Marcin Wałkiewicz – bass, Wojciech Seligmann – bass, Aleksander Chrzan – bass, Andrzej Borowski – vocal and Artur Żurowiec – acoustician. Piotr Nowak, Jakub Makowiecki and Karol Nowak became an unchangeable core of band. In September 2005 Robert Skorupka (bass) joined the band and soon in May 2006 XpressivE was strengthened by Damian Szczygula (vocal). Grzegorz Mączak held his acoustician's function.

XpressivE released the Encounter album. The release contained nine compositions – find out more in Discography section.

XpressivE recorded a single called Żart. The disc consisted on two songs in Polish language: Zart and Inny Świat, but also two other in English, taken from Encounter: Dream and Good Enough.

A.D. 2008-2011

The band discontinued its activity. Piotr Nowak, Karol Nowak and Jakub Makowiecki engaged themselves in other project. In the meantime however, Piotr Nowak, Karol Nowak started working on a material for a new album.

Listen to XpressivE on RMF Muzzo, RMF FM

A.D. 2012-

Piotr Nowak (keyboards), Karol Nowak (drums), and Adam Wosz (guitars) decided to bring XpressivE back to life, and with the new members – Andrzej Kwiatkowski (vocal) and Władek Kołodziejczyk (bass) started to work on a new material.

In October 2013 MiniEP PreLudium was released in anticipation for the whole album. ProgRock.org.pl decided to take over the media patronage for Pre-Ludium Listen to the new songs: Ostatnia z Kart, No Forgiveness, and Animal.

3 Jan 2014 was the date of the official launch of the media promotion for the single Ostatnia z Kart. This was about when XpressivE started to appear on radio stations all over Poland. One of the results of the successful media promotion was a positive feedback both from audiences and critics, and a concert performed together with RPWL in the Progresja Music Zone club in Warsaw.

9 Sep 2014 the band released their new album called The Head. The album is being promoted by the single Bunt.

A piece of the band's music was used in a spot of a new series starred with Steven Seagal, broadcast on TV Polsat.

In 2018 the band officially released the album called The Head II, which is the English version of its native language predecessor.